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Wholesale Fashion Plastic Sunglasses

All wholesale sunglasses come in assorted frame and lens color with dozen price, 12 pair pre-packed in professional Designer compared grey boxes.Click on each style to view color assortment.  We do not sell individual colors.

P0488 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $26.00 USD/Doz

P0498 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $26.00 USD/Doz

P1543-2 Wayfarer Sunglasses
Price: $18.00  $16.00 USD/Doz
Save: 11% off

P1543-3C Clear Lens Wayfarer Sunglasses
Price: $18.00  $16.00 USD/Doz
Save: 11% off

P1543C Wayfarer Sunglasses Compare to Ray Ban
Price: $18.00  $16.00 USD/Doz
Save: 11% off

P4099 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $26.00 USD/Doz

PO501 Plastic sunglass
Price: $21.00 USD/Doz

R6351 Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $18.00 USD/Doz

SA0547 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $19.00 USD/Doz

SU6002B Clear Lens Wayfarer Compare to Ray Ban
Price: $20.00  $16.00 USD/Doz
Save: 20% off

YD029 Plastic Sunglasses
Price: $14.00 USD/Doz

YD174CS Sports Sunglasses
Price: $17.00 USD/Doz

YD280CS Plastic Sunglasses
Price: $15.00 USD/Doz

YD298 Fashion plastic sunglasses
Price: $19.00 USD/Doz

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