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DXE Eyewear

DxEEyewear is our exclusive line of wholesale fashion sunglasses. The DxE sunglasses are packaged in our signature DxE logo display box. These sunglasses are the highest in quality and fashion. DxE Eyewear Sunglasses are available here. These are the most popular celebrity styled sunglasses on the market today! You will see many retro vintage sunglasses are avaiable now.

DXE472 DXE Quality Eyewear
Price: $21.00 USD/Doz

DY535 Plastic Sunglasses
Price: $21.00 USD/Doz

DY564 Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $19.00 USD/Doz

DY567 Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $21.00 USD/Doz

DY578 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $20.00 USD/Doz

DY583 Plastic Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $20.00 USD/Doz

DY594 Fashion Sunglasses
Price: $20.00 USD/Doz

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